F. Sciarretta (Rome, IT)

Clinica Nostra Signora della Mercede Orthopaedics
Fabio Valerio Sciarretta was born in Rome on November 13; 1963. He is currently orthopaedic consultant at the Clinics "Nostra Signora della Mercede"; "Assunzione di Maria Santissima" and “Mater Dei” in Rome and at the "Valdisieve Hospital" in Florence. He earned his MD with honours from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 1988 and completed his Orthopaedic Surgery residency in the same University; gaining the specialization In Orthopaedics and Traumatology cum laude in 1993; under the supervision of Prof. Lamberto Perugia; master of knee surgery and his godfather for over 20 years. Since the years of the Bachelor; he concentrated his professional interest in the Knee Surgery; Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine; focusing particularly on techniques for cruciate ligament reconstruction and repair of meniscal tears and; subsequently; to the cartilage restoration surgery; devoting years to all the different techniques of reconstruction of cartilage damage in any joint; deepening these techniques with internships abroad. The last decade has been especially dedicated to regenerative medicine therapies for cartilage healing. He has published over 50 publications in national and international journals and has presented more than 150 papers in national and international conferences. He was also instructor in various courses of arthroscopic and arthroplasty surgery. He edited the Italian edition of over 30 treaties of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the American and international literature and for some years participated to the Italian edition of the original English text of "Yearbook of orthopaedics". Since January 1990 he is ordinary member of the Italian Orthopaedics and Traumatology Society (SIOT); Affiliate Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) and of the European Society of Sports Traumatology Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy (ESSKA); Active member of the International Society of Arthroscopy; Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine (ISAKOS); Active member of ICRS (International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society) and Active member of the Societé Internationale de Chirurgie Ortopedique et de Traumatologie (SICOT). He is currently Co-Chair of the ICRS (International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society) Education and Meeting Standing Committee; Member of the ISAKOS (International Society of Arthroscopy; Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine) Education Committee and Member of the Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy Committee of the Societé Internationale de Chirurgie Ortopedique et de Traumatologie (SICOT).

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P095 - Functional Medium-term Results of LIPO-AMIC Technique: A 5-year Prospective Cohort Study

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Joint Specific Cartilage Repair
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Goal of our study was to assess the clinical, imaging and histologic outcome of LIPO-AMIC technique (autologous matrix-induced chondrogenesis + ADSCs and adipose tissue transfer) consisting of osteochondral lesion debridement, microfracturing and filling with bilayer cell-free collagen scaffold soaked in adipose regenerative product.

Methods and Materials

Eighteen patients (age range: 28-58) with OCL repaired using LIPO-AMIC technique were clinically evaluated through IKDC, KOOS and VAS scores, with follow-up between 12 and 60 months. MRI examinations were performed at 6, 12 months and yearly thereafter. Adipose tissue product used in surgical procedures has been analysed in the laboratory. ADSCs, pericytes, endothelial and progenitor stem cells embedded in the extracellular matrix of the stromal vascular fraction, obtained by mechanical dissociation, have been isolated and characterized in terms of viability and cell composition using multicolor FACS analysis.


No intra or post-op important complications were encountered.
Patients showed relevant, immediate and durature improvement of various scores already from initial follow-up. At intermediate and final follow-up all scores were significantly increased (p<0.001). MRI examination, completed by T2 mapping imaging, showed early subchondral lamina regrowth and progressive maturation of the repair tissue. Histological studies shown that stem cell population resided in a perivascular location with preserved architecture and where ADSCs coexisted with pericytes and endothelial cells. FACS analysis confirmed high viability and a dramatic increased percentage of endothelial cells.


Regenerative repair of full-thickness cartilage injuries by LIPO-AMIC technique provides good to excellent clinical improvement, MRI defect filling and, at histologic evaluation, high percentage of ADSCs and endothelial cell populations with high viability and niche preservation. Results resulted improved in respect to standard AMIC technique and comparable to MACI, at significantly reduced costs.


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