J. Torales, Paraguay

National University of Asunción, Psychiatry
Julio Torales, MD, MSc, IFAPA, MWPA (Hon) is Professor of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology, and Senior Advisor of the Research Department at National University of Asunción, School of Medical Sciences (Paraguay). Professor Torales is categorized as a Level I Researcher of the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt) of Paraguay. His areas of interest are psychodermatology, epidemiology, psychopathology and pathophysiology of mental disorders, physiotherapy in mental health, medical education, and health and human rights.

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Workshop: The “Forgotten” Psychiatric Syndromes (ID 293) No Topic Needed

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Workshop: The “Forgotten” Psychiatric Syndromes (ID 293) No Topic Needed

W0050 - Kleptomania as a Neglected Disorder in Psychiatry

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Mon, 12.04.2021
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Kleptomania is an impulse control disorder characterized by the irresistible urge to steal not for monetary gain. Since its conceptualization, this categorical diagnosis has been conflated with common beliefs regarding the social class and gender such as the idea that women are intrinsically fragile and that people in the middle class were unlikely to commit theft. Also, its use has been controversial in the medical and forensic fields. This presentation will provide a historical excursus through the definitions of the syndrome and summarize the available pharmacological and psychotherapeutic options for its treatment. Currently, there is a lack of systematic studies regarding the clinical characteristics of kleptomania and its treatment options for practical standardized approaches.