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P0771 - Susac syndrome – a differential diagnosis of demyelinating process (ID 1608)

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Susac syndrome is a retinocochleocerebral autoimmune microangiopathy manifesting as vision disorders (due to branch retinal artery occlusion), encephalopathy and sensory neural hearing loss. In the MRI of the brain in the white matter focal disseminated lesions are present, especially along the corpus callosum.


To present a case of Susac syndrome and to underline importance of differential diagnosis in demyelinating process in case of characteristic triad of symptoms.


A 28-year-old female patient was admitted due to sudden visual impairment of the left eye. Additionally, she had had progressive hearing loss lasting about 2 years and was also treated due to psychiatric disorders.


Additional examinations (MRI of the brain, audiogram, fluorescein angiography of retina) confirmed the diagnosis. Steroids were used in the treatment and azathioprine was introduced. About 7 months later retinal arterial occlusions occurred in the right eye.


In the differential diagnosis of demyelinating process Susac syndrome should be included. It is a multidisciplinary problem, often misdiagnosed as it mimics many other diseases.