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FC02.01 - Safety of Alemtuzumab Over 9 Years in Patients With Non-MS Autoimmunity

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Disease Modifying Therapies – Risk Management
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Alemtuzumab is an anti-CD52 monoclonal antibody therapy approved for treating RRMS. Although alemtuzumab is associated with non–MS-related secondary autoimmune events, the role pre-existing non-MS autoimmunity plays in secondary autoimmunity is unclear.


To assess the impact of 1) pre-existing non-MS autoimmunity and 2) post-alemtuzumab thyroid autoimmunity on subsequent onset of new autoimmunity up to 9 years after initiating alemtuzumab.


In clinical trials (NCT00050778, NCT00530348, NCT00548405, NCT00930553, NCT02255656), patients were monitored for autoimmune adverse events (AEs). All patient- and investigator-reported AEs were recorded. An autoimmune event was pre-existing if it occurred prior to initiating alemtuzumab or was in the medical history database.


A total of 1216 patients from the alemtuzumab clinical development program who received alemtuzumab 12 mg were included in the analysis. Ninety-six had pre-existing non-MS autoimmunity. Up to 9 years after alemtuzumab initiation, the percentage of patients with new autoimmune disease was similar in those with (35.4%) versus without (35.3%) pre-existing autoimmunity; similar percentages of patients with versus without pre-existing autoimmunity had ≥2 new autoimmune events (5.2% vs 8.2%, respectively). Most patients with thyroid disorders at baseline did not experience new autoimmunity after alemtuzumab. Treatment-emergent thyroid autoimmunity after alemtuzumab Course 1 was not associated with subsequent nonthyroid autoimmunity after Course 2 (0% of patients with vs 3.0% of patients without thyroid autoimmunity after Course 1). Similarly, thyroid autoimmunity after Course 2 did not predict nonthyroid autoimmunity after Course 3 (1.8% vs 2.0%, respectively). Among 25,292 patients treated with alemtuzumab in the postmarketing setting as of 31 March 2019, additional events (occurring 18–36 months post treatment) included autoimmune hepatitis (10.7 in 10,000) and hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (2.7 in 10,000).


Over 9 years after alemtuzumab initiation, pre-existing non-MS autoimmunity was not associated with subsequent new autoimmune disease. Emergence of thyroid autoimmunity after Courses 1 and 2 does not appear to predict subsequent serious autoimmune disease.

STUDY SUPPORT: Sanofi and Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals.