Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Translational Microbiology
A Senior Research Assistant working on the pneumococcus for 10+ years with a particular interest in identification and serotyping.

Moderator Of 1 Session

Workshop 05: Laboratory Techniques (1) Pneumococcal Identification and Serotyping Using Conventional Methods

Session Type
Off-site Pre-Symposium Workshop
Sun, 19.06.2022
Session Time
09:00 - 16:00
Michener Institute - 1308A
Session Description
This workshop will be highly interactive and will consist of both a presentation and a hands-on laboratory practical training session. Learning objectives: To gain a practical understanding of traditional pneumococcal identification methods and test principles (culture, optochin susceptibility, and bile solubility test); To learn about phenotypic pneumococcal serotyping methods (Quellung reaction and latex agglutination).

Please note: All ISPPD-12 Workshops are highly interactive and designed to allow at least 25% active learning for the maximum registrants anticipated.