R. Arbel (Hod Hasharon, IL)

I've got my degree at Tel Aviv university medical school. Finished my residency at Tel Aviv Surasky medical centre(Ichilov hospital). Practiced in arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine in Austria; Germany; Belgium; Holand; Italy and USA(California; Missisipi and Utah). i'm an Honorary member of Arthroscopic Association of North America- AANA and a felow in the ICRS as well as an interrnational member in AAOS . I've served as the president of the Israeli society of sports medicine 2003-2009. I'm the director of sports medicine and arthroscopic surgery service in Tel Aviv Surasky medical centre; Tel Aviv university. My main work is knee and ankle surgery. Meniscus surgery; ligaments surgery of the knee and ankle and various treatments to cartilage problems. I"m doing biologocal reconstructions of the knee joint like osteotomies; cartilage implantation; meniscus allograft and osteochondral autografts and allgrafts implantation; biological treatments like PRP; Orthokine and Stem Cells. Involved now in some researches about treatments to cartilage lesions including cartilage implantations- 2nd generation; special techniques in cartilage treatments and new device- artificial meniscus ("Nusurface") for people who suffer from pain due to early degenerative cartilage lesions of the knee. also involve in stydies about treatments of arthritic knee with stem cells; Orthokine and special gel application.

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Tegel Meeting Room (50) ICRS Committee Meeting