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Professor Sri Rezeki S Hadinegoro MD, PhD is a pediatrician, graduated from Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Jakarta. She is working at Department of Child Health in the same university since graduated in 1983. In 1986 she certified as Infection and Tropical Pediatric consultant. Fellowship from Japan Society on Promoting of Sciences (JSPS), in Kobe University and Iwate Medical University, Japan she got in 1993 to 1995. Graduated as a PhD in medical sciences in1996 from Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia and got professor in Pediatrics in 2000. She is also active in several organizations and research in the field of infection and tropical pediatrics especially in dengue and immunization. Since fourteen years ago she held the Immunization Committee, Indonesian Pediatric Society (IPS). At present she is a chairman of Indonesian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (Indonesian NITAG) since 2007, and member of National Adverse Event Following Immunization Committee, Indonesian Ministry of Health (past chairman 1999-2012). In the regional and international society she pointed as a board member of Asian Society of Pediatric Infectious Disease (ASPID, past president in 2008-2010). Member of Asian Strategy Alliance of Pneumococcal Diseases Prevention (ASAP) since 2007, member of Asia Pacific Dengue Prevention Board (APDPB) since 2012, steering committee of Asian Dengue Voice and Action (ADVA) since 2012, and in 2017 she appointed as the president of International Society of Tropical Pediatrics. She wrote in some scientific journals and several books (as writer and editor), The Guideline of Dengue and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever for Pediatrician in Indonesia, Textbook of Infections and Tropical Diseases, Guideline on Immunization in Indonesia (first to six editions), Immunization Guidance for Parents, and Dengue Chapter in Nelson Essential (Indonesian Edition) 2017.

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Prevention and Control of Dengue & COVID-19

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Wed, 23.02.2022
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