Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana(SASNETGHANA)
Ad Adams Ebenezer is Co-founder and Executive director of the Stroke Association Supportnetwork-Ghana (SASNET-GHANA). A board of director of the World Stroke Organization (WSO) for the Middle East, North Africa and East Mediterranean. He is a rehabilitation expert with focus on Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology based on Soft Robotics. A lead person for SASNET GHANA’s Community Life After Stroke Program (CLASP), Post Discharge Stroke Support (PDSS) and Mobile Rehabilitation Project (MR project) in Ghana. Psychology Degree (Atlantic International University, AIU). His interest includes advocating for policy change on stroke / NCDs (treatment and care), Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for all persons with disability. Ad Adams is the vice chair of the Ghana Non-Communicable Disease Alliance (GhNCDA), a member of the Global health network, plenary health alliance, people’s health movement, Joint Learning Network, International Parkinson Movement Disorder Society (MDS), Member WHO ATA- IMPACT External Review Group , member WSO Early Career Stroke Professional Committee ,member WSO Campaign Committee ,Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Africa Network Country Representative for Ghana, Secretary Steering Committee African Stroke Organization (ASO).

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Building and Leveraging Community and National Assets for Recovery and Wellbeing Post Stroke

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SSO Session
28.10.2021, Thursday
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10:00 - 11:30
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10:34 - 10:51