Road Safety on the European Horizon Trafiksäkerhet 

5.9.4 - At the horizon: the future mobility

  • Margriet Van Schijndel, EARPA
  • Magnus Granström, SAFER/Chalmers
  • Margriet Van Schijndel, EARPA
SF, Pluto (50)
Wed, 08.01.2020
15:30 - 17:00
Presentation Topic



EARPA’s mission is to promote awareness and understanding of the specific role and contribution of R&D providers in the automotive sector and reinforce the high-tech character of the automotive industry as well as its potential for future innovation and new opportunities. In this context, the development of future transport systems that are sustainable and safe is of utmost importance.


European mobility is in a period of change, fuelled by several coinciding trends. Some examples of drivers that EARPA groups are evaluating:

- Social drivers include demographic changes such as increasing migration towards urbanareas, an aging population, and shifting user preferences. This has a strong impact on mobility for people and goods.

- Regulatory drivers include environmental and health policies, more stringent standardization, as well as a drive towards zero fatalities and severe injuries from transport accidents.

- Disruptive technology drivers include electrification and automation, as well as data and AI revolutions.

Resultat och slutsats

Based on the drivers and additional factors, a number of key challenges have been identified and will be presented. One of the main conclusions is that the successful European model with strong collaboration between stakeholders need to be continued and supported.