Road Safety on the European Horizon Trafiksäkerhet 

5.9.2 - The road to road safety

  • Magnus Granström, SAFER/Chalmers
  • Magnus Granström, SAFER/Chalmers
SF, Pluto (50)
Wed, 08.01.2020
15:30 - 17:00
Presentation Topic



In its Vision for 2050, the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) provides long-term objectives for the improvement of road transport in the coming three decades. Being safe and secure at any time when using the European road transport system is included as an important objective in this vision. However, the EU is actually in a phase of stagnation in its efforts to improve road safety. Fatality and in particular injury figures have remained nearly constant since 2013. As a consequence, important European safety targets are getting out of reach.


Clearly intensified efforts for the improvement of road safety are needed, and research and innovation are key factors here. In this roadmap, ERTRAC proposes a set of eleven high-priority road safety research needs with a suggested timing for their inclusion in “Horizon Europe”, the next EU framework programme. Research and innovation projects addressing these needs should give ample room for citizens and road users themselves to engage. The overall scope of the roadmap is broad, covering all elements of the road transport system, all road transport modes and all phases from preventive to post-crash safety.

Resultat och slutsats

The presentation will cover the overall aspects as well as delving into some specific examples with high relevance to Swedish actors