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3O - Applicability of the lung immune prognostic index (LIPI) in patients with metastatic solid tumors when treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) in early clinical trials (ID 184)

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14:05 - 14:20
  • A. Varga
Amphithéâtre Bordeaux, Palais des Congrès, Paris, France
14:05 - 15:20
  • A. Varga
  • A. Bernard-Tessier
  • E. Auclin
  • L. Mezquita Pérez
  • C. Baldini
  • D. Planchard
  • A. Marabelle
  • A. Hollebecque
  • B. Besse
  • C. Massard



Lung Immune Prognostic Index (LIPI) is a score that combines pretreatment dNLR (neutrophils/ (leucocytes-neutrophils) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and is correlated with outcomes of patients treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (ICI) by tumor type. It has been shown for melanoma patients, NSCLC, SCLC, HNSCC, or TNBC but not in an all tumor type population.


dNLR and LDH were retrospectively collected from 360 patients with metastatic disease treated since September 2015 to November 2017 at Gustave Roussy, in the Drug Development Department. LIPI portrays 3 groups: good group (GG) if dNLR< 3 and normal LDH, intermediate group (IG) if dNLR> 3 or LDH> upper limit of normal (ULN), and poor group (PG) if dNLR>3 and LDH>ULN. ICI benefit was analyzed according to overall survival (OS) and progression free survival (PFS).


From the 360 patients treated with ICI in early clinical trials, 353 (98%) were ICI naïve, 214 (59%) were male, 209 (58%) had a performance status of 1 with a median age at ICI treatment of 60 (range, 25-88), 322 (89%) received either a PD-1 or PD-L1 inhibitor and 268 (74%) as combination therapy. The most frequent tumor types were: NSCLC (14%), colorectal (14%), bladder (13%), renal (8%), breast (7%), HNSCC (7%) and cervix (6%). The median follow-up duration was of 14.1 months (m) [95%CI 12.9-16.1]. LIPI stratified the population into good group with 160 patients (44%), intermediate group with 161 patients (44%) and poor group with 39 patients (11%). The median OS was 17.8m [95%CI 13.1-not reached (NR)] vs. 11.68m [95%CI 8.8-15.3] vs. 3.9m [95%CI 2.1-6.4] for good, intermediate and poor group while the median PFS was of 4.6m [95%CI 4.0-6.2] for GG vs. 2.8m [95%CI 2.5-3.6] for IG vs. 1.4m [95%CI 1.2-2.0] for PG (both p < 0.0001).


Poor LIPI score, combining dNLR>3 and LDH>ULN is associated with a poorer outcome in patients treated with ICI. Calculating LIPI prior starting ICI therapy can be useful in identifying patients that will not benefit from such a treatment choice.

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Drug Development Department, Gustave Roussy.


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