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P1024 - Economic impact of the Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in Spain: Interim analysis of the DISCOVER study (ID 1595)



Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune, neurodegenerative disease. Around 19% of treated patients with relapsing-remitting MS progress to Secondary Progressive MS (SPMS) 15 years after disease onset, representing the most severe stage of the disease. MS symptoms lead to a general disability, impacting the quality of life of patients and also being related with an important economic burden on the National Health System, the patients, their caregivers and the whole society.


There are limited published data on the economic impact of SPMS. The main objective of the study was to estimate the economic impact of SPMS in Spain.


DISCOVER (CBAF312AES01) is an observational, non-interventional, cross-sectional, retrospective and multicenter study, including 297 SPMS patients ≥18 years treated and monitored according to routine clinical practice in Spain in 34 public hospitals. All data was collected in one single visit. Primary endpoint: total annual cost per patient, including direct healthcare and non-healthcare costs and indirect costs. Interim results from 99 patients are presented.


62.6% females; mean (SD) age 53.1 (9.3) years; 40.4% with higher education; 86.9% living with a relative. Mean (SD) time since first MS diagnosis was 17.5 (8.9) years and since progression to SPMS 5.2 (4.3) years. At diagnosis, mean (SD) EDSS was 2.0 (1.1), being 5.0 (1.1) at the time of progression and 5.9 (0.8) at the study visit, 47.5% patients reaching EDSS>6. 12.8% of patients presented relapses between 12-24 months before the study. According to EQ-5D-5L, mean (SD) utility (<1) was 0.48 (0.27) for patients with Gd+ lesions and/or relapses 2 years before. According to EQ-5D-5L, mean (SD) utility (<1) for patients with cognitive impairment was 0.45 (0.29) vs 0.51 (0.21) for those without it. Mean (SD) utility for Spanish general population was 0.897 (0.21). EDSS score showed a significative effect (P=0.0074) on the economic burden of the disease, with total costs increasing from 14,546€ (EDSS 4-4.5) to 21,918€ (EDSS 5-5.5) and 26,832€ (EDSS=6). Costs related to patients with EDSS=6 from the societal, patient and healthcare system were 6,441€, 8,450€ and 11,941€, respectively.


Interim results of the DISCOVER study revealed a significant economic impact of MS progression, highlighting the importance of implementing therapeutic strategies specific to the SPMS patient within the early stages of progression.