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P0473 - Laboral Status in multiple sclerosis patients whith EDSS 3.5 in Argentina (ID 872)

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Multiple sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system characterized by chronic inflammation, loss of myelin, gliosis, axonal involvement, representing an important cause of neurological disability.


OBJECTIVE: examine the laboral status of MS patients in the Argentina, and who have a functional disability equal to or less than 3.5 on the EDSS scale.


METHODS MS patients included in the Argentinean MS and NMOSD registry RelevarEM were analyzed. RelevarEM is a longitudinal, strictly observational MS and NMOSD registry in Argentina


RESULTS: 1,352 patients with MS diagnosis of different clinical forms and EDSS equal or less than 3.5 were analyzed, 1,333 patients relapsing-remitting MS, 14 primary progressive and 5 secondary progressive MS. The mean age of patients was 38 ± 5 years. 80% employed and 20% unemployed. The 19% was under 29 years old and 81% over 30 years. Regarding the geographical location the highest percentages of patients unemployment of 30 to 60 years were found in the provinces of Chaco (67%), Tierra del Fuego (50%), Salta (37%) and Entre Rios (35%).


CONCLUSION: in our study we found that almost 80% of patients with MS and no significant disability (EDSS < 3.5) were unemployed. Disability in MS goes beyond the physical disability and should be consider in the spectrum of the disease.