J. Oh

University of Toronto

Dr. Jiwon Oh is is a staff neurologist and scientist at St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto and specializes in the care of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dr. Oh’s research focuses on developing advanced MRI techniques in the spinal cord and brain for use in clinical settings. She leads the MRI research program at St. Michael’s Hospital. She has also led the establishment of a MS clinic registry at St. Michael’s Hospital which has currently captured data on nearly 6000 patients followed yearly and is contributing to MSBase.

Dr. Oh is also the Secretary and an Executive Committee member of the North American Imaging in MS Cooperative (NAIMS) representing a multi-national collaborative MRI research endeavor in MS with over 30 sites in North America.  Finally, she is leading the Canadian Prospective Cohort Study to Understand Progression in MS (CanProCo), which is a national prospective cohort study designed to better understand progression in MS.

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Sat, Sep 12, 2020
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