Population-based epidemiological studies provide opportunities for innovation and collaboration among global-health researchers. ClinEpiDB (https://clinepidb.org) is an open-access online resource that enables investigators to maximize the utility and reach of their research and make optimal use of data from others.


ClinEpiDB was built on EuPathDB infrastructure - a collection of databases covering eukaryotic pathogens, related species, and hosts. Data is integrated via a unified semantic web framework. An intuitive web interface overlays SQL queries with results visualized via interactive applications in the ClinEpiDB browser, providing insight into data distributions and covariate associations.picture1.png


ClinEpiDB, first released in 2018, contains datasets from the MAL-ED and GEMS enteric disease projects, SCORE schistosomiasis project, and ICEMR malaria studies. Integration of the Pneumonia Etiology Research for Child Health (PERCH) study, with ~1000 variables for >9500 children from 9 sites, will provide a rich source of information for the pneumonia research community. Once public (expected 2020-2021), investigators will be able to explore all PERCH data through the ClinEpiDB browser before deciding whether to request download access.


The ClinEpiDB resource provides an intuitive interface to view data and will continue to grow with integration of new datasets, enhanced tool development, and user outreach and education.