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Master Session
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Session Description: This interactive and exciting session will feature international thought leaders in cervical cancer to discuss challenges in the current standard of care, from prevention to second-line and greater chemotherapy. The first half of the session will discuss the current status of HPV vaccination, the gap between cervical cancer incidence and eradication, and clinical dilemmas in stage allocation and surgery/radiation overlap for optimal patient management in low volume disease. The second half will discuss ongoing and resulted clinical trial that are ushering in a new era of immunotherapy for locally advanced and metastatic/recurrent cervical cancer.

This session is supported by Industry.

a) How do we get to eradication? b) Is”catch up vaccination “ worthy in older than teen-agers? Is it the soluction for “vulnerable economies”? (ID 709)

Lecture Time
04:53 PM - 05:03 PM

a) PET/CT VS MRI to stage LRACC: PRO’S AND CON’S b) Should we rely on imaging for pre surgical staging? (ID 714)

Lecture Time
05:06 PM - 05:16 PM

Pro Radiation: In view of the results of the Abrax trial, should we operate clinically node positive pts? What method is most reliable? (ID 1018)

Addition systemic therapy to radiation (CCRT) (ID 1019)

Lecture Time
05:38 PM - 05:41 PM

Current status of definitive LACC clinical trials (ID 1020)

Lecture Time
05:41 PM - 05:46 PM

Case #3: Recurrent and Metastatic Disease 1L IO (ID 1021)

Entering the Immunotherapy Era in Cervical Cancer: the seismic shift in the treatment landscape (ID 1022)

Lecture Time
05:49 PM - 05:59 PM

Turn on the TV!: Getting to know the antibody drug conjugate, tisotumab vedotin (ID 1024)

Lecture Time
06:02 PM - 06:12 PM

The new dilemma of biomarkers for ICI and sequencing therapies in cervical cancer (ID 1025)

The new dilemma of biomarkers and sequencing IO and TV in cervical cancer (ID 1026)

Lecture Time
06:14 PM - 06:24 PM

Q&A/discussion (ID 1027)

Lecture Time
06:24 PM - 06:42 PM