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Industry Hall 1

Session Type
Industry Symposia
Industry Hall 1
Session Description
The evolving treatment landscape of gynecological tumors - Supported by GSK

Session Description:

Join Dr Giorgio Valabrega (Italy), Dr Domenica Lorusso (Italy), and Dr Ana Oaknin (Spain) as they discuss current and future therapies in the management of ovarian and endometrial cancers. This highly practical and interactive virtual symposium will include an overview of the clinical considerations using case-based studies, polling, and a panel discussion throughout the program.

The evolving treatment landscape of gynecological tumors (ID 905)

Lecture Time
06:25 PM - 06:25 PM

Industry Symposium Supported by GSK (ID 906)

Lecture Time
06:25 PM - 06:25 PM

Welcome and introductions (ID 907)

Lecture Time
06:25 PM - 06:30 PM

Individualizing treatment options for patients with ovarian cancer (ID 908)

Lecture Time
06:30 PM - 06:50 PM

Evolution of the treatment paradigm in advanced and recurrent endometrial cancer (ID 909)

Lecture Time
06:50 PM - 07:10 PM

Audience polling and closing remarks (ID 910)

Lecture Time
07:10 PM - 07:25 PM