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Organized Symposium
14:00 - 15:20

the agriculture sectors in Africa will only develop if the technical knowledge and skills of the youth are improved. This requires a fundamental reform of the agricultural vocational and training systems on the continent to provide the necessary skills not only at the farm level, but along the entire agricultural value chain.

mobile technologies as a means of attracting African youth into farming are often overrated. These technologies will only deliver on their potential if complementary strategies are in place that enable farmers to take advantage of the information and market options they receive

the motivation of farmers that is induced by the performance of others plays an important role in the adoption of agricultural technologies. Investing in lead farmers can offer role models for farmers to aspire to and show them how to utilize the available resources to improve their livelihoods.

working during childhood can positively impact people's earnings later in life, provided that the work does not come at the detriment of schooling. In particular those engaged in non-farm low-skill jobs can benefit from entrepreneurial skills developed as children.