Displaying One Session


Organized Symposium
16:30 - 18:30

An introduction about the database presented by the OECD team

The FAO MAFAP program will present and discuss its work on the decomposition of the Nominal Rate of Protection aimed at further disentangling the effects and interplay of specific policy instruments for more targeted policy action

IFPRI will focus on the gender dimension of agricultural policy support in Africa, with a possible extension on the effects on youth as part of an on-going collaboration with FAO-MAFAP

The IDB Agrimonitor team will instead present their research on the relationship between agricultural policy support (both public expenditure and price support) and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), a key variable for climate change mitigation

the agricultural policy monitoring strategy of their Government, their collaboration with the Consortium and its specific initiatives, and the research priorities required by policy makers in the areas of agricultural policy, its sustainability and its socio-economic implications.