Cervical cancer

11P - Practice patterns and 90-day treatment-related morbidity in early-stage cervical cancer

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  • Tullio Golia D'Auge (Rome, Italy)
  • Tullio Golia D'Auge (Rome, Italy)
  • Violante Di Donato (Rome, Italy)
  • Alice Fracassi (Rome, Italy)
  • Innocenza Palaia (Rome, Italy)
  • Giorgia Perniola (Rome, Italy)
  • Ludovico Muzii (Rome, Italy)
  • GIOVANNI Scambia (Rome, Italy)
  • Pierluigi Benedetti Panici (Rome, Italy)
  • Francesco Raspagliesi (Milan, Italy)
  • Giorgio Bogani (Milano, MI, Italy)
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Cervical cancer



To evaluate the impact of the Laparoscopic Approach to Cervical Cancer (LACC) trial on patterns of care and surgery-related morbidity in early-stage cervical cancer.


This is a retrospective, multi-institutional study evaluating 90-day surgery-related outcomes of patients undergoing treatment for early-stage cervical cancer before (period I: 01/01/2016-06/01/2018) and after (period II: 01/01/2019-06/01/2021) the publication of the results of the LACC trial.


Charts of 1,295 patients were evaluated: 581 (44.9%) and 714 (55.1%) before and after the publication of the LACC trial, respectively. After the publication of the LACC trial the number of patients treated with minimally-invasive radical hysterectomy decreased from 64.9% to 30.4% (p<0.001). Overall, 90-day complications occurred in 110 (18.9%) and 119 (16.6%) patients in the period I and period II, respectively (p=0.795). Similarly, the number of severe (grade 3 or worse) complications did not differ between the two periods (38 (6.5%) vs. 37 (5.1%); p=0.297). Overall and severe 90-day complications were consistent between periods even evaluating stage IA (p=0.471), IB1 (p=0.929), and IB2 (p=0.074), separately.


The present investigation highlighted that in referral centers the shift from minimally invasive to open radical hysterectomy does not influence 90-day surgery-related morbidity.

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