Timothy J. Harris, Ashburn, United States of America

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus

Moderator Of 1 Session

11.07.2020, Saturday 09:00 - 11:30 Hall J Technical Workshop
11.07.2020, Saturday
Session Time
09:00 - 11:30
Session Description
The workshop will highlight the measurement capabilities of key technologies for large-scale monitoring of neural activity, in particular fully integrated Neuropixels silicon probes and wide-field 2-photon imaging. We have selected leading experts in the field as speakers to share recent data and protocols related to all technical aspects; from building setups, to data processing (spike sorting and image processing), storage and analysis. The workshop also aims at stimulating discussions about major challenges, in particular the analysis of large datasets and the scientific interpretation of brain-wide signals in the context of behavior. Finally, we will discuss current technical limitations and possible improvements in next generation technologies. The purpose of the workshop is to bring together the rapidly growing user community and to establish best-practices in order to ensure data quality is maintained at the larger scale of measurement. The workshop further aims at facilitating the adoption of new technologies by lowering the threshold to become first-time users. Taken together, it will advance the technical capabilities of the circuit neuroscience community and it will foster scientific exchange related to a major question in neuroscience – how the coordinated neural activity across brain regions gives rise to mental function and behavior.