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MC06 - Sleep across the lifespan

11.07.2020, Saturday
Session Time
08:30 - 15:15
Session Description
The importance of sleep for the development and memory and the impact of sleep quality on daytime functioning in infants and children will be covered discussed and up-to-date research will be presented. The conference will also focus on cognitive neuroscience, new sleep circuitries and memory function in adults, before concluding on the importance of sleep and aging, neurodegeneration and sleep-wake regulation in disease. The content will be brought to you by a multi-disciplinary faculty of basic scientists and clinicians. The mini-conference is organised by the British Sleep Society (BSS) in collaboration with the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS). Attendance to the mini conferences requires additional registration. For more information and to register visit https://forum2020.fens.org/mini-conferences/