Angela Chillè (Italy)

Volunteer, Roma, Italy
Angela Chillè holds a Master’s degree in Law and constitutional studies. She is a Sales and Processes Governance Manager at Leonardo. Since 2017 she is a volunteer for vaccination advocacy with the platform “Io Vaccino” (member of the Vaccine Safety Net, a project of the World Health Organization), where she is also the editor of the Facebook Page. “Io Vaccino” was founded by a group of parents and doctors whose primary interest is to help other parents to get information in a correct and scientifically valid way on the subject of vaccinations.

Presenter of 2 Presentations

Panel discussion on the communication challenges around pediatric vaccination: The vaccination talk: environment, parent’s concerns and communication styles / Communication approaches: how to overcome the challenges? / Impact of COVID-19: what changes are here to stay? (ID 2347)