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214P - Pre-specified interim analysis of the SAFE trial (NCT2236806): A 4-arm randomized, double-blind, controlled study evaluating the efficacy and safety of cardiotoxicity prevention in non-metastatic breast cancer patients treated with anthracyclines with or without trastuzumab (ID 3613)

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  • Lorenzo Livi (Firenze, Italy)
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Poster Area (Hall 4), Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain
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SAFE trial (NCT2236806) is a phase 3 study comparing the effect on subclinical heart damage of bisoprolol (B), ramipril (R), or both drugs (R+B), as compared to placebo (P), in breast cancer treated with (neo)adjuvant anthracyclines +/- trastuzumab.


Primary endpoint is subclinical cardiotoxicity measured with echocardiography and global linear strain (GLS). This interim analysis was pre-specified on the first 120 patients who had completed cardiological assessments at 12-mos. Stopping rules per arm were: dose reduction >15%, study withdraw rate >5%, and no significant impact on 3D-left ventricular ejection fraction (3D-LVEF) as compared to T0 at 12-mos assessment.


A total of 191 out of 480 patients have been enrolled; overall 123 patients were available for the analysis (P = 34; R = 28; B = 31; R+B=30). 3D-LVEF decreased at 3-mos (-3.3%; p < 0.001), at 6-mos (-5.2%; p < 0.001) and at 12-mos (-3.7%; p = 0.004) respect to T0 in P; at 3-mos (-2.4%; p = 0.001), at 6-mos (-1.9%; p = 0.010), at 12-mos (-2.2%; p = 0.045) in R. In B and R+B patients no significant changes were observed at 3- and 12-mos, with a decrease at 6-mos (-2.5% and 3.0%, respectively; p = 0.002). Arm differences were significant (p = 0.038). GLS increased at 3-mos (5.7%; p < 0.001), at 6-mos (7.8%; p < 0.001) and at 12-mos (7.1%; p < 0.001) respect to T0 in P; at 3-mos (2.7%; p = 0.002), at 6-mos (3.2%; p = 0.014), but not at 12-mos in R; no significant changes at 3-mos, a significant increase at 6-mos (2.7%; p = 0.035), at 12-mos (3.2%; p = 0.008) in B; no significant changes at 3-, 6-, and 12-mos in R+B. Arm differences were significant (p = 0.002). Both R+B and the R arms showed a withdraw rate of 7%, with a dose reduction rates of 21% and 17%, respectively. R arm showed a significant decrease on 3D-LVEF at 12-mos as compared to T0 and will be evaluate for closure.


Following the stopping rules, the closure of the R arm is required and the study will continue with 3 arms. At the interim analysis, a cardioprevention strategy significantly impact on subclinical heart damage.

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