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328P - Ribociclib (RIBO) + letrozole (LET) in premenopausal patients (pts) with hormone receptor-positive (HR+), human epidermal growth factor receptor-2–negative (HER2–) advanced breast cancer (ABC) with no prior endocrine therapy (ET) for ABC: Preliminary subgroup results from the phase 3b CompLEEment-1 trial

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  • Hikmat Abdel-Razeq (Amman, JO)
Hall A3 - Poster Area Networking Hub, ICM München, Munich, Germany
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CDK4/6 inhibitor RIBO significantly improved progression-free survival in combination with ET versus placebo + ET in pre- and postmenopausal women with HR+, HER2– ABC and no prior therapy for advanced disease in the pivotal phase 3 MONALEESA-7 and MONALEESA-2 trials (Tripathy et al. SABCS 2018; Hortobagyi et al. NEJM 2016). Here, we report additional safety data for RIBO+LET in premenopausal female pts enrolled in CompLEEment-1, an open-label, phase 3b trial evaluating RIBO+LET as first-line therapy in an expanded pt population.


Premenopausal pts with HR+, HER2– ABC, ≤1 line of prior chemotherapy, and no prior ET for ABC received RIBO (600 mg/day, 3 wk on/1 wk off) + LET (2.5 mg/day) and goserelin (3.6-mg subcutaneous implant every 28 days). The primary outcome was safety and tolerability. A pre-planned interim analysis was conducted ∼15 months after first pt first visit.


Of the first 1,008 pts enrolled who completed 56 days of follow-up or discontinued before data cut-off, 153 were premenopausal women. Median age was 45.0 years and the majority of pts (99.3%) had an Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status ≤1; 40.5% had stage IV disease at diagnosis. Bone (73.9%), lung (31.4%), and liver (30.7%) were the most common metastatic sites. The most frequent adverse events (AEs) were neutropenia (53.6%), nausea (30.1%), hot flush (20.9%), headache (17.0%), and asthenia (16.3%). The most frequent grade ≥3 AE was neutropenia (34.0%). QT prolongation was infrequent (2.0%). Dose adjustment/treatment interruption due to AEs was required for 48.4% of pts. Four patients (2.6%) discontinued treatment due to AEs.


Initial safety results from CompLEEment-1 demonstrate the tolerability of RIBO+LET + ovarian functional suppression in premenopausal women, consistent with previous reports. NCT02941926.

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Novartis Pharmaceuticals.


Novartis Pharmaceuticals.

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