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264P - Pathologic response as a strong predictor of survival irrespective of phenotype in early Breast Cancer

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  • Ariadna Gasol Cudos (Lleida, ES)
Hall A3 - Poster Area Networking Hub, ICM M√ľnchen, Munich, Germany
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Pathologic complete response after neoadjuvant chemotherapy is considered as a surrogate of survival by most authors, although there are special phenotypes, such HER2 positive, where their potential as apredictor of survival is stronger.


Overall survival was analyzed according to pathologic response in a cohort of early breast cancer patients (all subtypes) treated with standard neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Between March 2000 to October 2016, 459 breast cancer patients were treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy with anthracicline and taxane regimens.


Median age was 52 (range 28-87), 173 tumors (38%) were classifyed as HER2 positive, 148 (32%) triple negative and 138 (30%) as luminal breast cancer. Median initial size was 34 mm (10-100) and 237 patients (51%) had initial node involvement. We achieved a total of 152/459 complete pathologic response with a 43% rate in HER2 positive, 44% in triple negative and 9% in luminal breast cancer patientes. Ten years disease free survival in the whole serie was 83%, with a 72% for patients without complete pathologic response versus 90% for complete pathologic response (long rang <0,00001). A strong correlation between pathologic response and survival wass found in all subtypes (long rang p:0,033; 0,028 and 0,027 in HER2 positive, luminal and triple negative respectively). A table with survival results according the RCB response by Symmans method in the whole series and different phenotypes is attached.

PhenotypeRCB type 0RCB1 type IRCB type IIRCB type III
OverallMedian DFS:167 HR: 1Median DFS:156 HR: 2,6Median DFS:130 HR: 4,5Median DFS:85 HR: 9,6
HER 2 positiveMedian DFS: 126 HR: 1Median DFS: 90 HR: 1,6Median DFS:100 HR: 2,5Median DFS:96 HR: 4,4
LuminalMedian DFS: 176 HR: 1Median DFS: 160 HR: 2,8Median DFS:115 HR: 4,8Median DFS: NA HR: NA
Triple negativeMedian DFS:188 HR: 1Median DFS: 141 HR: 8,8Median DFS: 117 HR: 16,7Median DFS:122 HR: 28.4


Pathologic response is a strong predictor of overall survival in all breast cancer phenotypes althoug in the triple negative has the highest magnitude with a HR of 28,4 in patients with worse pathologic response (RCB type III). Neoadjuvant chemotherapy should be considered in the majority of patients who are candidates to chemotherapy, specially in triple negative and HER2 positive; however, in luminal phenotype a better selection for neoadyuvant chemotherapy is needed.

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