Peter Olbrich, Spain

Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocio Pediatria
Peter received his medical degree 2006 from the Philipps University in Marburg (Germany). He performed then most of his pediatric training at the University Hospital in Seville (Spain). He obtained his MD and PhD from the University in Seville. He completed his specialist medical training and gained research experience in the field of Infectious Diseases and Immunology during rotations in international reference centers such as the Great Ormond Hospital for Children (London, UK), Centre for chronic Immunodefiencies (Freiburg, Germany) and at the National Institute of Health (Bethesda, USA). Since 2018 he holds a nationally funded position "Juan Rodes" (ISCIII, Spain) that allows him to continue to combine clinical work caring for patients with PID with experimental research activities in the pediatric group led by Dr Olaf Neth (Instituto de Biomedicine Sevilla, IBIS). His most recent research focusses on the further understanding and modification of potential effects of relevant infections in the setting of STAT1 GOF and STAT3 LOF. During his two terms as chair of the ESID Junior WP from 2014-2016 and 2016-2018 he was involved in the development of new educational material, and implemented new Junior activities such as the Workshop Pitfalls in PID: Expect the Unexpected, the ESID twitter Quiz, ESID Grand Rounds and the ESID Junior Talent Award.

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Oral Communications
20.09.2019, Friday
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11:00 - 12:40