Mariana Monteiro is Associate Professor and General Coordinator of the Unit for Multidisciplinary Research in Biomedicine (UMIB) of Instituto Ciencias Biomédicas Abel Salazar (ICBAS). She is also Principal Investigator of the Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology Research Group of UMIB at the University of Porto. In January 2016, she adopted the role of Consultant of Endocrinology and Obesity at University College of London Hospitals (UCLH) and Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Obesity Research at University College London (UCL). Prof Mariana Monteiro received her medical degree in 1996 at the Faculty Medicine of University of Porto (FMUP); she obtained her Board Certificate in Endocrinology in 2005, at Hospital de Santo António, Porto. She then became a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Metabolic Medicine, Imperial College, UK under the supervision of Prof Steve Bloom and completed her PhD thesis: “Mechanisms of gastro-intestinal hormone induced weight loss” at University of Porto in 2007. Prof Monteiro has a particular clinical and research interest in diabetes and obesity. Her research profile is predominantly translational in nature. Her interdisciplinary working group uses a variety of clinical and experimental approaches, spanning from clinical to basic research to understand how the regulatory systems of body weight control, food intake and glucose metabolism are regulated.

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Interventions to Support Sustained Weight Control

Fri, 19.03.2021
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12:30 - 13:30
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