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Tjasa Griessler Bulc PhD Biology is a full professor for sanitary engineering, specialized on water management and nature based solutions (NBS). She works as a lecturer, researcher, project manager, and as a consultant. In her career she has presented her work in many publications and at numerous national and international conferences and meetings. Since 1990 she has participated in planning of more than 60 applications of nature based solutions (NBS) e.g. constructed wetlands. for wastewater treatment and reuse as well as for other green infrastructure. In Madrid in 2001, she was awarded with prestigious Lillehammer Award for innovative development of NBS in the framework of the biggest industrial development programme Eureka. In 2002, she and her colleagues were nominated for the European Award of the Year for landfill remediation based on NBS. She obtained 3 patents for her innovations for water treatment in Slovenia and Croatia. In 2008 she and her colleagues at Limnos Ltd. were awarded for innovative wastewater reuse solutions with the Energy Globe Award in the European parliament by high EU representatives). Since 2009 she has been working at the University of Ljubljana at Faculty of Health Sciences and Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering where she researches in the frame of international and national research projects and lectures water relating topics. Tjaša Griessler Bulc is Chair of Global Water Partnership for Central and Eastern European countries (GWP CEE). She is a a reviewer of many scientific publications, and a holder of European Certification & Qualification Association (ECQUA) certificate: EU project manager.

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Tjaša Griessler Bulc: Nature-Based Units as Building Blocks for Resource Recovery Systems in Cities

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