Navigating the waters of ES-SCLC (ID 1781)

Conclusions (ID 1782)

Opening by the Chairperson (ID 1805)

Newly diagnosed advanced EGFRm NSCLC: What information will help improve our treatment decision? (ID 1806)

Planning the patient journey: How can we maximise all of the treatment opportunities? (ID 1807)

Exploring treatment options beyond progression (ID 1808)

Your opportunity to question the panel further: Audience Q & A (ID 1809)

Closing remarks (ID 1810)

Expert opinions on hot topics: A panel discussion (ID 1880)

Recent advances in metastatic prostate cancer management (ID 1881)

Expert Opinion on ‘PARP inhibitors as targeted therapy for personalized medicine’ - Panel Discussion (ID 1882)

Introduction (ID 1783)